Joyce Clements
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The Three Fates: A personal nicho

Mixed Media

This sculpture is a “nicho” that I made in 1999.  It  “contains” representations of time and being along the loops and length of my life…people, places and events shared, experienced, passed,  but not truly gone.  Every part of this sculpture is a “re-vision” - detritus really, if it were not for their personal content.  Potsherds of my life to date.

The three figures represented are the Three Fates.  They are tiny depictions of a monumental steel and bronze sculpture I made. 
The Fates represent the triad of destiny.  Clotho spins the thread of life - the supply of possible experience is continuous.  Lachesis is the disposer of lots - she measures the length of the thread of life.  Atropos makes no decisions - she is inflexible.  When handed the thread, she cuts it.

Even though this particular “container” of my life is full, I have started another phase of my time. Of course I do not know what the shape of the container for this phase will be or what it will come to hold or how much it will hold?the objects that fill it will come from what I want and don’t want, what I plan and don’t plan, what I know and don’t know, what I control and don’t control.  This, and the final outcome comprise certainty.