Joyce Clements
Joyce Clements Artist                             PO Box 39 Bolinas CA 94924                                            415-868-1008
Ear of a Blue Whale
All That Remains
Leatherback Turtle
Trypture: Gaia
Climate Change Art
Oso Polar
Sixth Extinction
Bearing Witness
The Creators
   PGPD Key to Features
  1. Solar collector
  2. Hub: protects head of user from exterior force
  3. Ambient liquid/water collection runnel and inlet
  4. Wheel: collects and channels primary source of H20- 
  6. LED safety perimeter security & spatial visibility transmitters
  7. Climate/temperature sensors/HVAC system activators
  8. Intake and outtake filters for coolant gas/air
  9. Surround audio input receptors
10. Emergency energy recharge dock
11. Reflective band to insure integrity of perimeter space
12. Visor and digital input display screen nd device
13. Antenna
14. Projector for Sixth Sense application and voice delivery devices
15. Photovoltaic swivel headlights
16. Face shield and mask
17. Earphones and ear guards
18. Nape shield (shikoro)
19. Emitters for distribution of excess H20 to nape shield
Personal Global Warming Protection Device
Fate of the Planet
Rest in Peace1922
Last One Standing
Where To?
Rabbit as Universe
Never Lost
Mantis on Alert