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Personal Global Warming Protection Device (PGPD)
A  Hub for Personal Survival in a Climate-Changed World


Conceptual prototype (Model: The Nash)

Why a Personal Global-Warming Protection Device (PGPD) ?

For life as we “know” it, 350 PPM (parts per million) is the safe upper limit for greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere.  We have already surpassed this limit.   As the percentage of noxious gases continues to escalate, the viability of our environment will continue to change.  The PGPD is a conceptual model that  is based on projections of resulting disruptions in atmosphere, temperature, topography and climate and anticipates a device to protect the life of an individual.

PGPD Elements:
1 Solar collector- energy resource for systems (storage beneath hub)
2 Hub: protects head of user from exterior force
      -- dome collects ambient liquid/H2O for use as system coolant
      -- reflects otherwise unmitigated solar rays 
      -- functions as primary housing for system components
3 Ambient liquid/water collection runnel and inlet
4 Wheel: 
     -- collects and channels primary source of H20-based liquid (“rain”)   
        to reverse osmotic membrane purification system/storage reservoir
        for exclusion of air and water borne  contaminants prior to delivery to 
        drinking water reservoir
     -- functions as secondary housing unit for PGPD systems
5 Drainage ports to reservoir/purification system
6 LED safety perimeter security & spatial visibility transmitters (yellow)
7 Climate/temperature sensors/HVAC system activators (red)
8 Intake and outtake filters for coolant gas/air
9 Surround audio input receptors (4)
10 Emergency energy recharge dock
11 Reflective band to insure integrity of perimeter space for user
12 Visor and digital input display screen (underneath visor) to receive
content from Sixth Sense meta-information application and device
13 Antenna
14 Projector for Sixth Sense application and voice imaging delivery
devices (“speakers”)
15 Photovoltaic swivel headlights
16 Face shield and mask
    -- holds purification cartridges for air and climate purification 
    -- features visual proficiency and correction lens made of light sensitive 
       polycarbonate lens with optical, glare and scratch protection   
    -- includes voice activated broadcast microphone with built-in user 
       initiated transmitter for cellular communication
    -- incorporates tube-to-mouth suction access for H2O fluid (concealed)
17 Earphones and ear guards
18 Nape shield (shikoro)
    -- transpiration fabric waterfall for disposal of excess H2O from primary 
       collection reservoir (see “4” above)
    -- UV protection guard for neck of user
19 Emitters for distribution of excess H20 to nape shield waterfall
20 Storage reservoir for purified drinking water (not shown - held within a
pack/bag on user’s back or over-the-shoulder)