Joyce Clements
Joyce Clements
Joyce Clements Artist                             PO Box 39 Bolinas CA 94924                                            415-868-1008
Corten steel, patina bronze elements

Central figure 9 feet, side figures 7 feet

The central figure of this sculpture represents Gaia - a symbolic, mythical figure whose vision comprehends our planet as part of the universe. This bold and commanding figure looks out over the earth and surveys the delicate balance that needs to be maintained to preserve physical equilibrium. Her head has four openings through which she sees in all directions and through which wind, airborne elements and light travel. The vertical column which traverses the front (and back) of the sculpture em-phasizes Gaia's power and energy.

On either side of Gaia are her consorts. They represent two essential sources which are needed for life to grow and flourish on earth. One represents light and the radiant energy of the sun. The other consort represents water.
Trypture  - Gaia
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